Specialty Products and Services. Chris Dimos, president of retail solutions at McKesson, recently identified six trends in the pharmacy industry. Although 68% of payers are now using a site of service (SOS) program, SOS continues to be a concern with drugs administered in the hospital outpatient setting continuing to cost 2-3 times more than physician offices and home infusion. Send us your ideas at (function(){var ml="h3mDFo%rCnfAk.2-sE04telgiacd",mi="618I6>B07E:6136>>2IHFD561;2EKHI7EFIDH59@6CB2IGEFFI90EIFD0=J526>>6>B6>BJFI@@6136>>2IHFD5?FH9<6>>61A2EKHI7EFIDH59@6CB2IGEFFI90EIFD0=J526186>4I61A",o="";for(var j=0,l=mi.length;j How To See Missed Calls When Phone Is Off Samsung, Feral Ghoul Fallout 4 Weakness, Fallout: New Vegas Character Creation Command, Egyptian Recipe Easy, The History Of The Standard Oil Company, Lodi Weather Nj, Mohair Suit 60s, Mapping Java Objects To Database Tables, Endless Summer Fire Pit Gad15292es, Casablanca Airport Departures, Custom Cushions Toronto, Ivan's Childhood Trailer,